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Having our own production facilities, highly qualified specialists, a powerful commodity and raw material base, well-functioning logistics, we serve large commodity-production companies throughout Kazakhstan.

We produce a wide range of products from high quality materials.
Updating the production base, acquiring the latest equipment, we produce products from acrylic, wood, plastic and metal.
We print, brand, assemble, sew.


1. Workshop for large format printing.

2. UV printing.

3. Pad printing workshop.

4. Silk screen printing shop.

5. The sublimation workshop.

6. Digital printing.

7. Offset printing.

8. Engraving shop.

9. A workshop for the production of leather goods.

2000 sq.m production capacity

10. Sewing workshop.

11. Furniture workshop.
12. Workshop for the manufacture of ultra thin lead boxes.
13. Workshop for the production of promotional equipment.

14. Workshop for the manufacture of growth figures.
14. Assembly shop USB - drives

15. The breadboard workshop.

16. Installation team.


Full-color large-format printing is the main way to produce outdoor advertising. Modern high-tech equipment allows you to achieve photographic print quality, and the latest supplies make printing resistant to ultraviolet radiation and atmospheric precipitation. Being the most convenient and affordable technology, large-format printing allows you to produce advertising images of any size and varying degrees of complexity.

Our large format printing is a way to get truly high-quality, bright, colorful and long-lived advertising products for outdoor and interior use in a short period of time at competitive prices.

At our disposal are modern equipment from Roland, Infiniti:

Three Infinity 1500 machines, field width 3.2 m., Resolution 720dpi.
Eight Roland S machines, field width 1.6 m, resolution up to 1440 dpi.
Two Roland 540 machines, field width 1.6 m, resolution up to 1440 dpi, sublimation.

Automatic full size laminator.

The automatic pad printing line allows you to apply multicolor images in large runs and very quickly.

And a couple of single-color machines for small-scale application.

Можно широко использовать спецэффекты — глиттеры (блёстки), объёмную печать, имитацию бархата или резины. Печатать по любым поверхностям и любыми тиражами.


Automatic machine for applying multi-color and full-color images on various surfaces in large format.

“Carousel” for printing T-shirts, bags, flags and the like.


And a couple of single-color machines for small-scale application.

Tunnel Drying

Four engraving machines, format 3x2 meters.

Engraving and cutting of any flat materials, any print runs in a short time.

Engraving 3D objects.

Organic glass of any color, including engraving for end lighting; Advertising plastics: PVC, polystyrene; Engineering plastics: polypropylene, getinaks; Composite aluminum panels;
Soft metals: aluminum, brass, tin; Wood, MDF, particleboard, plywood; Fake diamond.

Over the past 10 years, we have sewed folders - the menu - 753 125 pcs. And books under the account 122 252 pcs. It took 2,510,000 meters of material, 14 tons of glue, 53 tons of cardboard, 900 kilometers of thread.


Our craftsmen make, sew, glue, brand products for both individual customers and large transnational corporations.

50 types of high-quality synthetic leather are constantly available.

Exclusively crafted for your needs.


A fast, high-quality method to apply long-term marking on any surface is laser engraving.

Any materials, in any circulation.


Sublimation in full format allows printing in a cut, opens up new creative format for designers.

Bologna, gabardine, felt, neoprene, almost any material can be sealed.


Equipped with modern equipment, sewing workshops and professional specialists who can carry out high-quality orders for sewing a large assortment of sewing products.

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